Searching for the descendants of Frank Nicholas Turner (1864-1917) and Mary Ann Puddicombe (1869-1946) of Stoke Newington, England

For many years now we have been on a remarkable quest to determine the identity of my father-in-law’s father. While the long and winding story is largely his to share, several close DNA matches on his test at have helped us to ID his father, who was a friend of his mother’s when he was a child. While he has numerous memories of this man, to this day he knows precious little about his newly-discovered father’s biography.

We have messaged the several close matches with no successful responses. So I thought it might be helpful to post a request for any relatives of our newly-discovered family to share any stories, photographs, or memories they might have!

So far we have been able to identify the following details:

Frank Nicholas Turner was born in Rookery Gardener’s Cottage, Rookery, Streatham, 16 July 1864, son of William George Turner and Annie Field Macpherson/McPherson. He died in Metropolitan Hospital, Kingsland Road, Hackney, 7 October 1917. He married in the Register Office, Paddington, 12 March 1894, Mary Ann Puddicombe. She was born in Dorking, Surrey, England, 7 November 1869, daughter of William and Eliza (Gristwood) Puddicombe. She died in 5 Chanctonbury Way, Hendon, September 1946.

Children and grandchildren of Frank Nicholas and Mary Ann (Puddicombe) Turner:

  1. Frank Edward Tilney Puddicombe alias Turner, b. Paddington 12 Jan. 1893; d. Plymouth, Devon, England 1955; m. Plymouth 1915 Ethel M. Lennox.
    • Frank Charles B. Turner, b. Plymouth, Devon 1917; d. 1976; m. 1940 Marjorie May Clemow.
    • Marion Turner, b. Plymouth 1919; d. 1994;m. 1940 William E. E. Briggs.
    • Charles R. Turner, b. Plymouth 1925.
  2. Edith Emily Turner, b. Battersea 1894; m. Hackney 1915 Harry George Palmer, d.  1967.
    • Elsie Lilian Palmer, b. Hackney 1920; m. 1945 Richard J. Henderson.
  3. Mabel Rose Turner, b. Battersea 1 Oct. 1896; d. Australia 1969; m. Hackney 1923 Frederick George William Maluish.
    • Kenneth George Maluish, b. 1926; d. Australia 1979; m. (1) Patricia Mary Weeks; m. (2) Jacqueline Lucille Williams.
  4. William George Turner, b. Stoke Newington 23 Nov. 1898; m. Hackney 1925 Marjorie Mahalah Lake.
    • Eric N. D. Turner, b. Hackney 1927; m. 1959 Sylvia P. Smith.
  5. (Child) Turner died young.
  6. Elsie Helen Turner, b. Stoke Newington 19 June 1904; d. Broxbourne, Hertfordshire 1987; m. Hackney 1931 William Edward Corderoy, b. 1905, son of John James and Ellen (Cross) Corderoy, d. 2003.
    • Edna Elsie Corderoy, b. Hampstead 1934; m. Hendon 1960 Ronald W. Kemp.
    • Joan A. Corderoy, b. Hampstead 1938.
  7. Winifred Gertrude Turner, b. Stoke Newington 9 April 1906; d. Enfield, Middlesex, England  1988; m. Hackney  1927 Thomas Arthur Stevens.
    • Robert Thomas Stevens, b. Stoke Newington 1933.
    • Betrice E. S. Stevens, b. Hendon 1935.
    • Alan Albert A. Stevens, b. Hackney 1939.
  8. Florence Eleanor Turner, b. Stoke Newington 4 April 1907; d. Isle of Wight, Hampshire 1974; m. Hackney 1930 George A. Greatbatch.
    • Jean E. Greatbatch, b. Hackney 1932.
  9. Christopher John Turner, b. Stoke Newington 9 March 1911; d. 6 April 1964; m. Hendon  1958 Joyce Marion (Stephens) Cosh.


Frank and Mary Ann Turner’s youngest child, Christopher John Turner, was a printer. He met my father-in-law’s mother who ran the local N.A.T.S.O.P.A print union in the late 1920s and early 1930s. C. J. Turner visited my father-in-law during his childhood in London, helped to fund his education, and on his 18th birthday gave him his most prized possession, a 1935 Rudge motorcycle.

1951 ChrisEdwards and Chris Turner riding motorcycles - Copy.jpg

1951. Christopher John Turner and my father-in-law riding the Rudge motorcycle

1940s CJTurnerCaravanHoliday.jpg

late 1940s, Christopher John Turner on a caravan vacation with my teenaged father-in-law

With some research I have been able to determine that C. J. Turner lived with his widowed mother Mary Ann (Puddicombe) Turner, and their house on Coronation Avenue was destroyed by a German bomb on 13 October 1940 which killed 160 people in the flats. Christopher and his mother were spared, and they moved in with his brother-in-law and sister William E. and Elsie H. (Turner) Corderoy in Hendon after the destruction of their house.


Destruction of the flats on Coronation Avenue, Stoke Newington

Once my father-in-law reached the age of maturity he lost touch with C. J. Turner. Shortly thereafter Christopher John Turner married Joyce M. Stephens Cosh in 1958, then died a short time later in 1964.

Our family would be so grateful if any relatives would be willing to share their memories, photographs, or oral history, and we would be happy to share all the exciting twists and turns of this discovery too.